Transaction Preview

Transaction Preview

A selected transaction record from the transaction list can be previewed for full details as the list shows only a few columns. From the preview screen the user has the options to update the details or even delete the transaction.


Update Transaction

Press the ‘Edit’ button to enable the data fields for editing. Now you can do the data entry in the same manner as you did during the Transaction Entry. The Inventory mode cannot be changed. If you chose the wrong Inventory mode, you have to delete the transaction and re-enter the same with the correct mode.

Press the ‘Save’ button to save the updates made. While saving, all the postings done earlier are reversed first and new postings are done for the stock and average cost based on the new entries.

Delete a Transaction

To delete an entire transaction press the ‘Delete’ button from the preview mode. After confirmation the displayed transaction will be deleted. All the postings done on the stock and average cost will be reversed.