Transaction List

Transaction List

All the transactions entered for the active Inventory Center are listed here in a table format. The columns displayed are for Date, Product Name, Transaction Type, Quantity In and Quantity Out.

If a product has been deleted, the Product name column will display a tag “***Product details missing***”.

By default, the transactions are listed the way they are entered. You can sort them by date, product or transaction type.

Select any transaction by touching the corresponding row and all the details will be displayed on a preview screen where you will be provided with buttons to edit or delete the transaction.

The Transaction List sub tool has the following menu options which can be invoked by pressing the device menu key.


New transaction

On clicking this, the user shall be directed to the transaction entry tool.



The Transaction List can be sorted by Date, Product code or Transaction type for easy viewing. This is done by clicking the Sort option in the Transaction List’s menu and then selecting an option from the pop up list of options.



As the number of transactions increase, it will be difficult to locate a particular entry. The filter option is very useful in this case. The Transaction List can be filtered by Product, Date, Month, Transaction type or Key words. This is done by clicking the ‘Filter’ option in the Transaction List’s menu and selecting an option from the pop up list of options.


When filter option is selected, the appropriate value selector will be displayed. For product, the product lookup list will pop up. For date, the date picker and for month, a month drop down list will be displayed. Transaction type can be selected from the drop down list. For filtering on Key words, enter the key words which you are searching for, which could be a part of the narrative fields that include Sales contact, Reference or Comments.

The list will be filtered and records matching your selection criteria only will be displayed. The list title will indicate that the list is now filtered.


The user can select this option to remove the filtering and show the entire transactions.