Restore Active Center

Restore Center Data

This option allows the restoration of backup data of the active Center, into the current database.

Note that this process will overwrite any existing data saved in the Inventory Center and re-instate the status back as it was at the time the backup was done. If you want to temporarily go back to an earlier date and then come back to the latest data, it is recommended to take a fresh back up as of ‘now’ before commencing the restoration of the old one.


When you select the restore option, first of all it will issue a warning that the process will replace the existing data. Click ‘Proceed’ to go to the next step where you will be prompted to select one from a list of backup dates.


Click on the required date and press the ‘Select’ button to proceed with the restore. The process will first inspect the files and see that they are in order. Once the restoration is complete, the result message will be displayed.

It is important that the user should not tamper with the backup files. A tampered backup file when restored may cause data loss.