Product Preview

Preview Product

From the product list when a product is selected by touching on the row, the product preview page will be opened where all the details of the product will be displayed.


If an image is attached to the product that will be displayed and to get a larger view, press on the image.

You may modify, delete or duplicate the product in another Inventory Center.


By pressing the ‘Edit’ button, the product preview can be turned into update mode where the user can modify the values of any field (as in product entry) except the product code. If an image is attached, you may detach it or attach another by clicking on the image. Once the modifications are completed, press the ‘Save’ button to store the information.


There is a ‘Delete’ button provided to delete the product record permanently from the database. You can not delete a product which has transaction records in the active Inventory Center. You will be asked to confirm before actually deleting the record.


This feature is used to duplicate an entire product into a different Inventory Center.

In the product preview mode, press the device menu button to bring up this option. On clicking the above option, a pop up window is invoked for the user to select the Inventory Center where the product is to be duplicated into. After confirmation and validations the product record will be duplicated in the selected Center.