Product List

Product List

The Product List displays all the products defined for the currently active Inventory Center. It is in a table format, with a column each for Product Code, Product Name, Category, Location, Unit cost and Stock.



You may touch on any product to get a preview of the details for that from where it is possible to edit, delete or duplicate the product for another Inventory Center.

The Product List sub tool has following menu options which can be activated using the device menu key:


You can search for products in the Product list by their name. Tap the search button on the title bar and enter characters of any length to search for a Product.



Create New Product

On clicking this the user shall be directed to the Product Entry tool


For easy & organized viewing, the Product List can be sorted by Product code, Product name, Category or Location. This is done by clicking the Sort option in the Product List’s menu and selecting an option from the pop up list displayed.


The column on which the list is sorted will have the column heading highlighted.

Import CSV format file

This feature allows the user to import one or many product records into the active Inventory Center from a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file. This feature is extremely useful for integrating existing data from another application or list of products created in a spread sheet format.

The import data file must follow the pattern:

  • Product code, Barcode, Product name, Category, Location, Unit cost, Stock

Also, the first line is meant for the column headings and will not be imported. So the actual data must start from the second line onwards and one line of data for each product and each value separated by comma.

When Import option is selected, a message describing the required format will be displayed and on continuing, you will be prompted to select the CSV import file from an external folder in the SD card.

Once the file is selected, the content is verified and if valid the first product information is displayed on the screen for your verification and approval. Make sure that the data is proper and proceed to import.