The myStock mobile application gives the user the feature to secure the application data by setting up a password. This is optional and can be turned on or off. If the password check is enabled, the user has to enter the correct password at the time of application startup to get access to the Dashboard.

In case the password is lost or forgotten, you may recover it by answering a security question which you can specify during password setup.

The password authentication and recovery methods are already explained in the Dashboard.


Setting the password

Enter the password you want to set and retype the same. Passwords are case sensitive and can be even blank. Password can be of maximum 16 characters.

Setting the security question for password recovery

For the purpose of recovering lost or forgotten passwords, the user will be asked a security question answering which the password will be exposed. The user can specify the question and the answer to that while setting up the password.

At the time of password recovery the same question is asked. If the answer to the security question is forgotten your password is lost for ever.