Password Authentication

Password Authentication

The password authentication is active only if enabled in the setup. By default password authentication is disabled.


The password screen comes up with a field to enter the password and two buttons. Enter the password and click ‘Ok’ button to authenticate. Or ‘Close’ to close the application without authentication.

If the password entered is correct then Home screen becomes accessible. Otherwise a message of authentication failure is displayed and a ‘Help’ button is added on the authentication screen.

If you have forgotten the password, press on the ‘Help’ button to try and recover the password. This will show the password recovery screen where you will have to answer the security question. It will be the same question that you had entered during password setup. Key in the answer and press ‘Show password’ button. If the answer is correct, the password will be shown on the screen for a few seconds. Press ‘Cancel’ button to exit the application and try again with the recovered password.


If your answer to the security question is incorrect, it will display a message to that effect and continue to stay on the recovery screen.

Warning: If you decide to implement the password protection, we recommend taking a backup of the data periodically so that if you lose the password you will be able to restore the data from a fresh installation of the application. If you lose your password and are not able to answer the security question there is no other way to access your data!