Inventory Center

Inventory Center

Inventory Centers are Locations or Warehouses where the stock of goods are maintained. This application handles multiple warehouses and keeps the Inventory separate for each Inventory Center. There is only one Center active at a time. All actions are done pertaining to the active Inventory Center only. The Dashboard displays the active Inventory Center and provides a button to select and activate another one from the list of available Centers.


Once the Setup Inventory Center option is selected it displays the list of available Centers. You may select one by touching the same. Then press the options button to carry out the required process.

The options available for Inventory Center setup are described below:

Add new center

This button allows the user to create a new Inventory Center. The name must be an alpha numeric value and is limited to a maximum length of 30 characters. The user may enter the name of the Center to be added and click the ‘Save’ button to save it.

The application will internally assign an index for each Center which is used in naming the folders for backups. The index will be of the format IC1, IC2 etc.

Update a Center

To update the name of a Center, first select the required one from the list by touching on that and then pressing the ‘Update’ button. Make the required update when prompted and press the ‘Save’ button to save the updates.

Delete a Center

Extreme care should be taken while deleting an Inventory Center as it will delete any data associated with that Center.

Select and get the Center to be deleted from the list. Now click on the ‘Delete’ button. A warning will be issued and upon confirmation, the specified Center and all of it’s data will be deleted permanently.

Note: It is always advisable be take a backup before deleting an Inventory Center, which contains data.