Import from other backups

Import from another backup

As the restore option restores the data only to the same Inventory Center for which the backup is taken, the Import option is provided to import data from a different Inventory Center.

While importing the data, the user should take utmost care as the original data will be completely replaced by data from another Inventory Center. It is highly recommended that the user backs up the existing data before continuing with this operation.


When this option is selected, it will prompt you to select the Inventory Center from where the data should be imported. The Inventory Center list will show those Centers for which backup has been taken. The Center index representing the folder also will be displayed. Touch on the required Center and press ‘Select’ to go to the next step.

In the next screen all the dates of available backups for the selected Center are listed. As in the case of restore, touch on the required date and press the ‘Select’ button to go ahead with the import.

After confirmation, the data will be imported.