Graphical Reports(charts)

Graphical Reports (Charts)

The myStock application has an option to view the transaction and the stock status in a graphical format. The graphs are displayed as scrollable bar charts. From the bar charts it is very easy to visually analyze the status.

The graphical report can be generated for transactions and current stock status:

    • Transaction



There are many options available for Transaction charts. Specify the period for which the report is taken by setting the ‘from’ and the ‘to’ dates.

Select the transaction type if you want to limit the chart only for a particular transaction type. In this case you will get an additional option to draw the chart either by product quantity or by product category. Otherwise keep the default as All-Summary which will produce the transaction summary for each transaction type.

You may make the chart for quantities or by amount which will be charted on the X axis.

A sample chart is given below:


    • Stock Status

Stock Status charts plots the latest status of the Inventory holding for Quantity/Value against Products/Category.


Choose the appropriate options and press ‘Process’ button to see the chart. A sample chart is given below: