Function Icons


There are 6 icons displayed in the Dashboard, for accessing the main functions of this application.



Transaction refers to a movement of stock in or out of the active Center. Even stock adjustments/corrections are to be recorded as a transaction.

This icon selects the Transaction Data Entry interactive form. The form allows new transaction details to be saved into the application database.

Full details on how to enter transaction is described in Data entry section.

Trans. List (Transaction List)

This icon invokes the Transaction List for the selected Center. All the transaction entries saved up to this point, will be listed here. The transaction list is in a table format and can be sorted and filtered as per your viewing convenience. It also allows you to preview a selected transaction where you have the options to edit or delete it.

There are menu options provided with this screen to enter a new transaction, sort the list or filter the list.

Refer Transaction List section for more details.

Product Entry

Touch this icon to create a new Product record. It brings up the Product Data Entry screen where you can key in all the details of a product. Complete details of creating a new product record can be found in Product Entry section.

Products List

This icon selects the Products Listing for the active Center. The list displays all the products created for the Center in a table format and can be sorted by code, name or category. It also allows you to view, create, update or delete product records. There is an option to import product records from a CSV file. For more details check the Product List section.


This icon brings up the Reporting tool. The reporting tool can produce the output in PDF file or Graphical format. Many options are provided to customize your report. PDF file outputs are stored on the SD card so that it can be copied out for further analysis. Graphical outputs are bar charts displayed on-screen.

The Report section describes reporting options and procedure in full detail.


The Setup Icon allows the user to set global parameters and preferences. The user may setup Inventory Centers, Categories, Transaction Types, Preferences, Password and may view the information About myStock.

See the Setup section for further information.