The myStock Inventory Manager application lets you organize your products into different categories. The Categories option in the setup menu allows the user to organize the product categories. You may add or delete a category from the list.

All categories are accessible across all Inventory Centers. By default there is one category by the name “General”. You may use it or delete it after setting up all of the required categories.


New Category

The ‘New’ button when clicked invokes a field to enter a new category. Category is of alpha numeric type and is limited to a maximum length of 30 characters. Press the ‘Save’ button to save the entry.


Delete a Category

You can delete an existing category provided that no products are defined under that category – remove. To delete, the user must select the required category from the list which will be highlighted. Hit the ‘Delete’ button to proceed with the deletion. The system will first check if any product is defined under this category If not, it waits for a confirmation from the user and then deletes the record for this category.

At least one category must exist in the list.