Backup Active Center

Backup active inventory center

This feature allows you to export the Inventory data. The Inventory data includes the Product list and the Transaction list saved as CSV files, which can not only be used to restore the data in the myBiz application, but also to be used by third party applications (such as MS Excel) for processing, reporting or auditing.

The application maintains separate database for each Inventory Center. The Inventory Centers have indexes for internal identification. Typical indexes would be IC1, IC2, IC3 etc. The back up files are stored in the SD card in folders named after these indexes under the ‘myStock/backup’ folder. And within these index folders, daily backups are stored separately based on the date on which the backup is done. You can have only one backup per day. If you perform backup a second time, the first set of backup files will be overwritten.The files Product list and Transaction list will be saved in the SD Card or Dropbox location ‘/mystock/backup/IC#/yyyy-dd-mm/’ as ‘products.csv’ and ‘transactions.csv’ respectively.

When you select the Backup option, the application will display a message for confirmation mentioning the folder in which the backup will be done.

Press ‘Backup’ button to proceed or ‘Cancel’ to cancel the operation. All relevant data for the active Inventory Center will be backed up.