Welcome to myStock Software :

myStock Inventory Manager is an application specifically designed for the mobile/tablet users. It serves as a powerful tool for individuals, small and medium sized businesses to record and manage the stock movements and to do the costing easily with a minimum investment. This application can also be used for larger organizations for Inventory management of multiple locations using a single device. More over, this application is ideal for monitoring the Inventory of remote locations and exchanging data between mobile devices and data servers.

Though simple to use, this feature rich application with a pleasing visual interface can be the best mobile solution to cater to all your Inventory requirements..

Download a sample Products List CSV file
to import into myStock!

Features :

  • General purpose Inventory control system.
  • Works on Android version 2.1 or above and adapts to mobiles & tables of various makes and builds.
  • Can manage multiple Inventory Centers/locations.
  • Maintains weighted average cost for accurate valuation.
  • Negative stock controls.
  • Built in barcode reader (zxing).
  • User definable product categories.
  • Data import from CSV format for products.
  • View product list sorted by code, name or category.
  • Attach product picture.
  • User definable stock movement (transaction) types.
  • Filter transactions on product, date/month, type or search for keywords.
  • Transactions list sortable by date, product, type.
  • Create/View/Email PDF reports.
  • Bar chart reports.
  • Location-wise data backup/restore by date.
  • Backup/restore to Dropbox.
  • Data import from a different location.
  • Period closing procedure.
  • Password protection.
  • User definable preferences.


myStock Editions :

myStock comes in two editions as Standard and Trial versions. Standard version is a paid application and the Trial version is free. Both editions are available in Google Play and Amazon for download.

Trial version of myStock has some features disabled and will work for only a limited number of days as well as a limited number of executions. Once the trial period is over, the data entered will not be re-usable. Users of Trial version will get only low priority support from the developer.

Where as the Standard edition of myStock enjoys all features open and users will get priority support.

Restore Data from Trial Editon :

If you are installing the standard version of myStock after having tried the trial version, you can restore the data from Trial version to the full version. When you do this, the data for Inventory centers saved in the Trial version will be imported to the Standard version. These Inventory Centers will have the word “Trial: ” prefixed to the Inventory Center name. You can edit the names if you want.

The first time you use myStock Standard version, you will be prompted a message asking whether you want to import data from Trial version. You may tap on ‘Yes’ button to import or ‘Cancel’ button to ignore. There is a check box for not asking this question again.